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In Primorski Krai search for guides and the waiters who are freely knowing English

Regular meetings in administration of Primorski Krai gradually change subjects of the questions, concerning forthcoming summit ATES. The bolshee attention is already given not to building schedules, and not to strike in a dirt the person, receiving thousand visitors of the international action of such scale first in the history of Vladivostok. A press - the edge service has informed on the agenda of last working meeting of responsible officials of Primorski Krai:

-   In Primorski Krai the list of hostels for placing of participants and visitors of summit ATES is defined, there is a work on specification of lists of official delegations, journalists and the personnel providing carrying out of the summit. The scheme of movement of delegations from the airport of Vladivostok to venues of actions of the summit is developed. At the decision of these questions departments and managements of Primorski Territory operate in close contact to Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation.

During the summit of foreign visitors will welcome not only officials on the salary. It is planned rekrutirovat an order of 1700 students – volunteers. A separate subject possession of languages, well or at least English, but is free. It is supposed even to organise a special language course for the personnel and volunteers, which   will provide carrying out of actions.

in Vladivostok gather produblirovat important for orientation in a city of the tablet and indexes in foreign languages. It concerns first of all names of streets in the centre of Vladivostok, signboards in hostels. And businessmen who expect to get hold on interest of visitors of the summit to memorable purchases it seems that podsuetjatsja about the information not only in English, but also other suahili.