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Irina Pigareva: the Murderer of my son expose the hero, and Ilya - the criminal!

2   May in Voronezh to district court has come from tens young children to support 20 - the summer Sergey Kulikovsky accused of murder of the student. Young men and girls demanded to justify their companion, including Sergey`s act exploit, instead of a crime. And in the meantime heart of mum and the father of the lost guy was covered with blood from the seen...

we Will remind, on October, 31st about 11 o`clock in the evening in the face of tens people one guy has snatched on another with fists. Under the preliminary version, Sergey Kulikovsky was the initiator of an attack. It Also has made it after has seen that beat the girl.

Field investigators have withdrawn record from chambers on which last minutes Ilya`s lives are embodied. On it it is visible, as the low guy runs up and beats Ilya without the prevention on a head. From strong blow that falls to the ground. Then the unknown person easy leaves. Ilya`s dumbfounded girl has run off from fight - the friend on some metres, and in some minutes in the street there were security guards of cafe.

It has appeared that one blow became fatal. 21 - the summer student of academy of justice Ilya Pigarev has died from a hemorrhage in a brain.

the Case has not left indifferent among friends and familiar guys. One without meditations were on the party of the lost student. Others, to the contrary, justified Sergey`s act noble prompting — to stand up for the girl. In its protection voronezhtsy have created in a social network a page on which tens people ask to retrain article « Deliberate causing of heavy harm, to health entailed on imprudence death of the person » (till 15 years of prison) on less heavy -   « death Causing on imprudence » (till two years of prison). They simply do not believe that such decent guy as Sergey, will get to prison.

- Iljusha in itself always was the boy quiet! - mum Irina Pigareva sobs from a grief. - that has occurred at a cinema is an egregious example. Ilya never offended her earlier. And even, if the son has really raised a hand against the girl, unless it is occasion to kill?! We have lost the favourite son and now should listen to any justifyings still?!

Ilya`s Parents do not consider murder by accident. In social networks they have found out that Ilya and Sergey has general friends - girls. They suspect that Sergey has simply revenged their son for something, having used the turned up case.

Following judicial session is appointed to May, 17th. Sergey Kulikovsky will expect a house sentence. To it have prolonged a preventive punishment in the form of house arrest.