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From May, 10th till June, 10th transport by the Petrovsky market

From - for replacements of the thermal chamber by month movement of municipal routes which carry passengers along the street Nedelina on the Petrovsky market will change.

stopping point will transfer on 300 metres back in the direction of travel, informs a press - city service. Therefore the minibus 302 will move under the scheme « Quay — street of 50 years NLMK — traffic police — the Petrovsky market — street Nedelina — further on a route ».

Buses 306, 309, 325, 356, 380 will not call in on the Petrovsky market. The trolleybus route 8 will be served by buses. By 2 units will increase number of trolley buses 6.

Movement of buses 40 and 40 will be organised under the scheme « the Petrovsky bridge — The Revolution area — street Soviet — the Victory area — further on a route ».

After repair work routes will restore in a former order.