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The fifth-grader who has beaten off from the tyrant palms, the boldness was taught by mum

May Day sex - the attack on fifth-grader Uljanu has alarmed detectives of the Central board. The criminal has finished the girl to the twentieth house on the prospectus of Trainers in Krasnogvardejsky area, has passed in its front door and the man - the neighbour who has gone on a ladder. The schoolgirl has called the lift.

the Tyrant has dragged a victim in an open cabin and at once has forgotten, that wanted. The little girl, physical development more reminding the first-grader, has responded the stranger counter attack. Palms whipped on the person, methyl fingers in eyes.

Scratched, with the burnt cheeks, the criminal has hardened. Uljana has escaped and has escaped. Has told to mum about the bad uncle. The woman was converted at once into police.

Criminal case have raised under article “ attempt at violent acts of sexual character ”. On Trainers have thrown dresses, to them have given signs of the criminal. The dark-haired Asian, a straight line nose, a tip looks from top to bottom, is young, low. Experts punched “ lighted ” nearby mobile phones.

In a day patrol - sentry duty UMVD of Krasnogvardejsky area has detained unemployed Murodali Dzhalolovicha Kamolova to whom in March it was executed twenty two years. It is dressed on - to another what does not admit. And lives through road from the house of a victim. The schoolgirl carried on an identification with easy opaskoj. Suddenly, the new stress happens. But the girl is extremely judicious and quiet. Has confidently specified in the offender among similar men.

As have informed in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Petersburg and area, the suspect have exposed in a crime.

- we solve a question on arrest of Kamolova and a charge presentation, - have added in GSU SK across Petersburg.

As have told to the correspondent “ familiar families of Uljany, at it two more sisters. Mum constantly reminds daughters elementary safety measures - to look narrowly at strangers in the street, to avoid deserted sites, not to become flustered in case of danger, into the lift with strangers not to come.