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In Omsk in places of a congestion of people on a Victory Day will not sell alcohol

City administration has published the order on which on May, 9th it is recommended to limit alcohol sale, and also drinks in glass bottles in venues of mass actions. « dry » the law will operate from 9 o`clock till 23 o`clock.

However, the document has recommendatory character. Such decision in the mayoralty on a Victory Day accept last years. As a rule, in supermarkets and large shops alcohol on May, 9th really do not sell. And here in some small booths omicham nevertheless it is possible to buy beer.

the Press - the centre of city administration informs that workers of municipality and districts will watch order observance. But what measures can be accepted to infringers taking into account that is a question of the recommendation, is not informed.

Besides, in the mayoralty inform that in a Victory Day on the Cathedral square and in the Omsk strong hold 23 shops will take place. Inhabitants can buy in them hot meals, souvenir production with symbolics of a city, a product of local masters.