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In Petersburg five-rouble increase of journey on a minibus recognised illegal

From the middle of April private carriers which serve two hundred fifty routes of Petersburg, declared journey increase. Have caused the brutal price policy expenses for fuel which has risen in price from the beginning of year for ten percent, updating of a motor car park and salaries.

Exactly from the sixteenth in minibuses took thirty five roubles instead of thirty. The companies have gone to price attack   « the Third park » « SHpunt - Severo - the West » « Vest - Service » « Piteravto » « ATP the Leopard 2 » « Palmira » « ATP – 31 » (is more detailed here).

Weighty fi to carriers the Office of Public Prosecutor has told and has appointed check of validity of the raised journey.

- According to the current legislation of Russia of passengers on regular routes in St.-Petersburg carry under the tariffs established by a city government, - have noted in department. - till now any certificates about rise in prices for transportations of passengers and luggage all kinds of public transport did not accept. Rise in prices is illegal.

After check the Office of Public Prosecutor will punish officials of the carriers guilty in   arbitrary rise in prices.