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The sovereign court of Tatarstan has justified a victim of tortures in « Distant »

the Victim of tortures in « Distant » Oscar Krylov is pure before the law and counts on monetary indemnification of moral harm for the business fabricated against it.

Today the Sovereign court of Tatarstan has satisfied the protest of Office of Public Prosecutor and has cancelled the decision of the world judge who have recognised Oscar Krylov guilty of small hooliganism on the basis of data which were presented by employees of department of police « Distant ».  

In manufacture of the Main investigatory management of Investigatory committee of Russia there is a criminal case about tortures concerning it.

According to the consequence data, in October of last year on the guy have made the fictitious report on an administrative offence — ostensibly he used foul language to passers-by.  

the World judge of a judicial site 9 Privolzhsky areas of Kazan recognised Krylov guilty and has obliged him to pay the penalty. This decision has entered validity. But after studying of documents the lawyer of the victim, has come to a conclusion that the decision of the world judge is illegal and unreasonable.

- So, in particular, the court has put indications of two witnesses in a basis of the decision. However in an explanation of one of witnesses it is not specified, when it is received also by whom.   - lawyer Ramil Ahmetgaliev speaks. - the Court of witnesses did not interrogate, and was limited to research of the written explanations given by police officers.  

As a result, the Sovereign court of Tatarstan has cancelled the decision of the world judge, and manufacture on administrative business in Krylov`s relation has stopped.  

Legal experts intend to prepare on behalf of Krylov the claim in court about indemnification of moral harm for illegal administrative prosecution.  

the Inquiry

According to the investigation, in October of last year 22 - summer Oscar Krylov have invited in police department “ Distant ” under the pretext of computer repair as the young man, being the programmer, possessed for this purpose sufficient knowledges. Pravoohraniteli have declared to Oscar that suspect him of theft of money in apartment of one of clients.

As Krylov has told, police steels to demand grateful indications, and, having heard refusal, have put on it handcuffs and began to strike blows by hands and feet then have subjected to violence.

Oscar has been urged to write an appearance with guilty and to admit a crime which did not make. Subsequently Krylov`s criminal prosecution have stopped in view of its non-participation in theft.

Further we result Oscar`s story:

- Me have told that I the suspect on the case of theft. One my client to whom I repaired the computer, has written on my the application, having suspected that I at it have stolen 5   800 roubles. Any money I, by itself, did not steal. I have responded that I refuse to give evidences, having referred to article   Constitutions, also has demanded the lawyer. On what all of them have loudly burst out laughing and have told: « What to you the lawyer?! You of films, a leah that, American have seen enough? Write an appearance with guilty ».


Oscar Krylov became a victim of policemen in the autumn of 2011
the Photo: from personal archive


I have again refused. Then the chief of department of criminal investigation department and the beginnings has come into an office to me to tell how tortured ours in the war in the Chechen Republic: « Put on a bucket in which a rat, and a bucket it put on fire. The rat from heat started to climb in a bum captured and chewed it from within ». And has then told: « Now we you will be e. t ». He has tried to bend me, but I have shown resistance. Then to it two field investigators have jumped up and three together they have started to lower with me trousers. At first forced me a pencil, then took a bottle. I did not see, which, but most likely it there was a bottle from - under beer. They said that remove this all on video, on phone. I do not know, a leah really removed or pretended. I shouted. But to me spoke: « Shout - shout, all the same nobody will hear you ».

It lasted minutes 15. Then I have told that all I will sign. They have dictated to me the statement – an appearance with guilty, I the hand have written it. Only after that me have planted in the chamber. In department I sat till Saturday – on me have still opened administrative case that I ostensibly used foul language. On Saturday have carried on court where to me have appointed the penalty of 500 roubles and have released.

the Victim of policemen of department Distant : Me forced a bottle from - under beer






I have there and then gone to fracture clinic where to me have fixed bruises, cuts from handcuffs and a hematoma on the person. But internal damages have sent to check in hospital on Mavljutova. And there to me declare – medical examination on Saturday works only till 12 o`clock, and I have arrived already after three. And the proctologist me did not look. Nevertheless, I have written the application in   Management of own security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Therefrom to me the answer has come that actions under my reference are made that the statement is passed in Investigatory Committee. But since then therefrom I have not received any answer.

Business about theft is not has reached court. Previous convictions at me are not present and was not.

In the meantime

On criminal case as accused on the case of Oscar Krylov`s tortures pass the former chief of a criminal investigation department of department of police « Distant » Ajnur Rahmatullin and field investigator Amir Sharafullin.

Both suspects the fault did not recognise. According to Sharafullina, on October, 27th, 2011 he has seen in the street Krylov who used foul language, and delivered it in police department. There the young man ostensibly itself has decided to write an appearance with guilty on the case of theft.

Rahmatullin also has at all declared that does not learn Krylov. He also has informed that never in the work applied tortures.

On a judgement Rahmatullin and Sharafullin are in custody for a period of two months.

Yesterday has been detained   the former field investigator Denis Vasilev — the third figurant of business.   the investigatory committee will petition for its arrest. Now it is in a pre-trial detention centre. More in detail > > >