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The inhabitant of Kazan is threatened with 20 years of prison for trade water

the Kazan policemen have caught large narkosbytchika. The Young man extended a psychotropic liquid in capital of Tatarstan.

During special action it has been withdrawn one and a half kg gammabutirolaktona, known under slengovym the name « water ».

« Water » - an amusing liquid with a characteristic chemical smell. Before inclusion in the list of psychotropic substances gammabutirolakton it was applied in the industry as solvent.

Getting to an organism, « water » at once gets into a brain, irritates mucous, negatively influences the central nervous system, provokes a cirrhosis.

the Use with alcohol is fraught with lethal exod.

Also it is high risk of the casual overdoses calling dizziness, loss of consciousness and a nausea.  

Now concerning dealers criminal case upon preparation for sale of psychotropic substance in especially large size is brought. In case their fault will be proved in court, to them threatens from 8 till 20 years of imprisonment, informs a press - service UFSKN across Tatarstan.