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In Kazan the employee of police « has closed eyes » on an underground games parlour

24 - the summer employee of department of police « Moscow » accuse of a negligence.

Under the version of the investigation, on January, 6th, 2012 in Kazan in the street Shamilja Usmanov employees of regional Office of Public Prosecutor had been revealed an underground games parlour.   during check, by local Venus Fazleevoj it has been established that in a games parlour 17 game devices function.

the Employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has made the report on administrative infringement. Thus the manager of an institution in which relation the document was made, was presented by Fazleevoj under an assumed name.  

Local has made the report of withdrawal of the game equipment. However instead of 17 from salon 7 automatic machines have been withdrawn only, thus to export of other devices of any measures by it was not undertaken.  

As a result, on January, 12th during repeated check of salon prosecutors have established that in it on - former 10 automatic machines work.

In investigatory department on the Moscow area concerning 24 - summer employee OP « Moscow »   criminal case to article « is brought; a negligence » informs SOU SKR across Tatarstan.