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In Voronezh have detained participants of Automobile race - 2012

On Thursday, on May, 3rd, about o`clock in the afternoon, on departure from Voronezh employees of traffic police have detained a column from six cars of participants of Automobile race - 2012.

- We did not break any rules! To us have told that on these cars there are orientations, however have not shown them, have explained nothing! - Evgenie Egors, one of participants of automobile race has told. - on the request to show certificates, employees of traffic police have refused! When we have tried to mind, referring to the rights and to the law, us have simply stopped up!

According to arrested persons, at drivers have selected the rights. Employees of traffic police have explained later that perform operation « the Anaconda » and consequently examine cars on presence of the weapon and drugs. From participants from Samara and Krasnodar have already withdrawn all leaflets with automobile race advertising: « I Want to see itself that became with the Native land! » « automobile race - 2012: from Kamchatka to Moscow ».

- Reaches the ridiculous: from us have taken away Svetlana Peunovoj`s book We and our children also have declared that it is the extremist literature! - Evgenie complains. - what to do, we do not know! Same it is abnormal! While have examined three cars... We try to take away the documents back but while well it is possible....

will watch succession of events.