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Inhabitants of Volgograd will teach to look after correctly olden time subjects

All it is interesting to whom how correctly to look after olden time subjects, painting can safely register in employment. Separate lectures will devote to bases of knowledge of architecture monuments, participants will hear to lectures about antiques and will receive advice of restorers.

In the opening day there will pass a retro exhibition - cars, exhibitions « Personal things of a century » literature exhibitions on restoration. The zone of a free exchange as books, badges, stamps and other subjects of a collecting, and also a dance pavilion « will work; the Old record player ».

Where and when?

Memorial estate « Stalingradsky fight » street   CHujkova, 47.

on May, 16th, the beginning in 16. 00.    

the action Program

the Front entrance in a museum, foyer of a museum with 16. 00 to 16. 20

- a retro exhibition - cars « Restoration studio « Saliton »;

- an exhibition « Personal things of a century » (participants of competition of stories within the limits of the project);

-   Freemarket (a zone of a free exchange of books, badges, stamps and other subjects kollektsio - nirovanija);

- a literature exhibition on restoration;

- dances under a record player.

the Cinema hall of a museum 16. 20 - 17. 30

- representation of design group;

-   representation of the maintenance of a cycle « School of national restoration »;

- a premiere of the film « memory Restoration » created in frameworks proektamuzej - reserve « Stalingradsky fight ».