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Near Volgograd the young husband has poured over the wife gasoline and tried to burn alive

- Oh, will cry at ease still, - spoke girl-friends 40 - the summer woman from Chernyshkovsky area when it has converged with 29 - the summer man. But that only smiled supposedly envy, women, and enamoured eyes looked at the young husband. That, really, originally carried the spouse on hands, but recently began to be put quite often to a bottle and to make to the wife scandals.

on May, 3rd he has come back home late, on hours was already about midnight. Shaky gait has entered into the house. The woman only has opened a mouth to voice it claims, but it as from a chain has broken, and began to beat dared to contradict it the wife.

- I now and you, and thy house will burn, - in anger he has cried out and has jerked in a shed. Having returned with the canister, it has poured frightened zaznobu gasoline. Having used a pause when the tyrant has left to search for matches, the woman has called in police.

- the Person on duty, having found out the address of a residence of the woman, has immediately directed there employees it is investigatory - operative group. The young man, having been frightened of responsibility, has escaped from the house, but has been detained on « to fresh tracks ». On the inhabitant of Chernyshkovsky area criminal case upon threat by murder is brought, - have told «» in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Volgograd region . - It delivered in police department where he has confessed in a criminal conduct. Now to the arrested person, earlier already the offender for storage of drugs, is threatened with a criminal liability in the form of imprisonment for the term up to two years.