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In Bryansk goradministratsii - personnel shifts

Sergey Lysenko (at the left) and Denis Deniss.
a photo: a press - service of Bryansk city administration.

In Bryansk city administration there were some personnel shifts.  

- Sergey Lysenko earlier supervising questions of the industry, transport and communication, is appointed to the post the assistant to head Bryansk goradministratsii on housing and communal services, - informs a press - service goradministratsii. - fulfilling duties of the assistant to the head of Bryansk city administration concerning the industry, transport and communication became   Denis Valentinovich Deniss.


Denis Deniss was born in 1980 in settlement Glinishchevo of Bryansk area of the Bryansk region. In 2002 has ended GVNPS FSB of the Russian Federation on a speciality « Jurisprudence ». With 2002 for 2008 passed military service. To ward to Bryansk city administration held a post of the adviser (assistant) to the general director of Open Company « Gazprom mezhregiongaz Bryansk ».