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Members of spetsnaz stormed gambling club in the centre of Vologda with a sledge hammer and a saw

In two-storeyed office building in the centre of Vologda members of spetsnaz became for a long time already constant visitors. Some years here work gambling club. When in 2009 business has appeared out of the law, the Office of Public Prosecutor and police has started to withdraw « one-armed gangsters » in tens. Here again they happened time and again, after all after spot-checks businessmen with enviable stubbornness delivered again the game equipment.

Recently police officers have learnt about the next revival in club and have decided to check up it again. Special services could envy privacy of an institution. However, conspiracy has not rescued from attention of Office of Public Prosecutor even.

- The Club has been equipped by several chambers of video observation, and get here repeat clients could only, - has told to the correspondent «» the assistant to the public prosecutor of a city of Vologda Vladimir Zaharov. - Usually for this purpose it was necessary to call on certain phone number which was known only by the devoted. To stop institution activity, the decision about joint with a municipal government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to check was accepted.

When fighters of special division have appeared on an institution porch, workers were closed at once on all bolts. To persuade them to open a door members of spetsnaz did not become. By means of a circular saw and a sledge hammer they have taken down in a few minutes a steel barrier. When people in masks and with automatic machines have rushed into a premise, on a sofa only lost security guard and the girl - the cashier sat.

Fighters SOBRa have surrounded at once all premise
the Photo: Michael ZAGAJNOV

All hall has been forced by game machines. And in a corner policemen have found out even a roulette which costs about one million roubles. By words pravoohranitelej, now such finds — a rarity. Considering constant spot-checks, they simply have not time to pay off. And here simple automatic machines which policemen have counted here more than forty, « beat off » enclosed for some weeks.

After the investigation team has opened devices and has copied numbers of denominations which were left in them by the clients, all equipment has been withdrawn. However, to pull out tools of an illegal craft on street was not so - that simply. One roulette weighs about eight hundred kgs, and each device — not less than eight-ten. Therefore policemen had to call to the aid workers MUP « Zelenstroj ». According to the most conservative estimates, the businessman has lost about two millions roubles.

All devices in some hours have taken away on warehouse UMVD on the city of Vologda. As speak pravoohraniteli, soon game equipment could not be stored.

- Now on spetshranenii there are already some thousand units of equipment. With police we spend joint checks regularly, each time withdrawing tens devices, - Vladimir Zaharov has explained. - the Information we receive from vologzhan which inform on opening of new clubs. Also monitorim a network the Internet also we supervise earlier revealed institutions. It is a lot of operative information, ahead it is a lot of work.

the Businessman who suited an underground casino in city centre, policemen now search. Unlike workers of club who practically have released at once, the organizer of illegal business is threatened with some years of imprisonment.