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From this year each forest fire becomes nominal

In region the month on the fire security, begun on April, 9th, and its results, according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, unfavourable comes to an end.

- the month Spent in area we estimate on weak troechku. More than 30 settlements still are not ready to the forthcoming fire-dangerous period. Among the most significant infringements — absence of necessary fire extinguishing means, fire reservoirs and entrances to them, is not spent ploughing of dividing strips between wood and settlement, - has complained about a press - conferences the main state inspector on fire supervision of Yaroslavl region Evgenie Shumilov. - in our opinion, officials have thrown current work from - for political fights. Elections have appeared more important, than fire-dangerous conditions.

All careless heads have fined, but checks of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on it on come to an end. After all ahead the most difficult for firemen a season — Threat of occurrence of natural fires.

- From this year each forest fire becomes nominal, on a surname of the forest warden which is responsible for this area. Wood in Nekouzsky area has lighted up, for example. Who responsible? Petrov. Means, a fire « Petrovsky » is from whom to ask, - the director of regional department of a forestry Vladimir Kuzin has explained. - if we contain the official on this post, let bears personal responsibility, checks tenants, works with heads of rural settlements, the population. Soul it is necessary to support the work!

In department consider that the area is quite ready to the fire-dangerous period also serious forest fires to us does not threaten if, of course, to stop any kindling at once, on a root. As it was last years. Is in region and the necessary technics for suppression of natural fires and shots in management « Wood protection ». Disturbs foresters one — Devil-may-care attitude of the population to the nature. Throw in woods stubs, leave not extinguished fires, set fire to a dry grass.

- the Reason of all natural fires - the human factor. Any casual handling of fire in wood, on a bog, in the field can lead to inevitable consequences. Every year many problems are created by hunters, mushroom pickers and jagodniki, - Vladimir Kuzin sighs.

By the way, now have already registered in region three natural fires. From burning in the field of a grass wood has started to burn. Fortunately, all has managed. Kindling liquidated in some minutes after the message. But it would not be better than such messages on a broader scale.