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Grozny will measure swords with the champion of the country

At joint meeting of the All-Russia federation of volleyball, representatives of clubs of a superleague and a battalion « And » the higher league for the statement the new formula of carrying out of the championship of Russia has been offered. According to this scheme, the debutant of a class of the strongest – « Grozny » is going to meet at the first stage of national superiority the champion of the country, Kazan « Zenith » and more six commands.

It is supposed that in a season 2012/ 2013 collectives of an elite echelon will be broken on two groups not on geographical, and by a tournament principle. Past game year of 16 participants of competitions in a superleague shared on battalions « the East » and « the West » and complete sets of medals and a vacation package in Euro cups distributed after regular tournament and fights at a stage plej - off. Now teams of one of the strongest leagues of the world will challenge an exit in the main round of national competitions according to results of the last superiority of the country by a so-called principle « snakes »: the first and fourth commands become « a uterus » in one group, the second and third collectives – in another, and so on.

the Chechen club has got to a battalion « And » together with operating champion – Kazan « Zenith » and also with Belgorod « Belogorem » Kemerovo « Kuzbas » Novosibirsk « the Locomotive » Ufa « Ural Mountains » Surgut « JUgroj » and Yaroslavl « JAroslavichem ». And with representatives of the group participants will spend on two matches, and with delegates of other eight will measure swords on time.

the carrying out System plej - off will not undergo changes: Struggle for medals will be continued by 12 commands, and the collectives which have occupied in groups first – the second places, will be released from the first round of tournament on a departure. We will remind that « Grozny » has received a vacation package in a superleague following the results of dvuhmatchevogo transitive opposition with a team from Ekaterinburg « the Locomotive - the Emerald ».