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JAroslavtsa have brought to court for use and distribution of piracy computer programs

the Kirov district court has sentenced the inhabitant of Yaroslavl to 4 months of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period 1 year for for use and distribution of piracy computer programs. Conditional term the man has received that has downloaded from the Internet the software « Microsoft Windows XP Professional Russian » « Microsoft Office 2007 » and others, and has then given in a network the announcement of services in installation on computers of these programs. JAroslavets earned on installation of piracy copies until then while the Office of Public Prosecutor has not become interested in it.

Against the man criminal case on charge in fulfilment of illegal use of objects of the copyright and storage of counterfeit copies of products with a view of the sale, made in the large size has been brought, and also in use of the computer programs obviously leading to unapproved updating of the information

Except conditional term court by it has decided to collect with denounced in favour of Corporation « Microsoft » more than 320 thousand roubles, in favour of Corporation « « Adobe System Incorporated » more than 200 thousand roubles, in favour of Joint-Stock Company « 1 » 50 000 roubles.