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In Chelyabinsk have detained the next pedophile

that this ten years` girl has worried, it is possible to go mad. The young pervert has developed on 10 - the summer child the present hunting. Twice it watched for it at an entrance door in apartment and created the indecent. The passion to violence of children was defeated also by criminal punishment: last year the suspect was released from MLS where wound eight-year term for similar crimes. In one of April days the criminal has looked in the street for the next victim. The ten years` girl, fragile and small as vorobyshek, did not look is more senior the first-grader. With bated breath, stealthily, the bastard spent her to an entrance door in apartment, has waited, while it will open keys a door and … the criminal did not break Into dwelling — it has come for the child, it having presented … the doctor. A pier, de, physical examinations on a city go … It having presented by the doctor, he has raped the babe.

According to investigatory department on Lenin area of Chelyabinsk, every other day the suspect has returned on a scene of crime. Has hidden at familiar apartment, has waited the child, and the nightmare has repeated. About state of emergency mum of a victim has learnt only after the second crime: the girl stifled by horror refused food, the mother has tried to find out, what`s the matter and was converted into police.

Operatively the criminal have detained. It has appeared it …. The expert in sale of legal system « the Guarantor ». To fault he does not recognise. The petition in court about election of a preventive punishment in the form of the imprisonment prepares, suspected check on participation in other similar crimes.

we Will remind that recently messages on cases of violence over children in the Chelyabinsk area arrive with frightening frequency. On April, 26th in the item the passer-by has beaten off Tatysh (Ozersk) at the pervert of the eight-year boy. In apartment, through a window, otbrykivajushchegosja the child tried to drag 26 - the summer man already sitting for rape.

on April, 23rd in Magnitogorsk the pedophile has raped 12 - the summer girl. About happened she has told mothers. It appears, the pervert has attacked the child on the way to school, threatened with murder. 22 - the summer bastard, the student of local college, have detained in three days. Earlier it was not we judge. The investigation is carried on. The suspect already admitted rape 11 - the summer schoolgirl in January. That pushed it on crimes, cannot explain.