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Mother of four children have sent for 9 years in a colony for trade in heroin

One of these days Rybinsk city court has taken out 37 - summer local resident Jeanne Shashkovoj severe enough sentence - 9λες imprisonments in a standard regime penal colony. And it, despite presence of four minor children.

the Court at all did not consider possibility to grant to mother having many children a delay. Too Jeanne has got bodies narkontrolja.

Under the version of the investigation, Shashkov`s gipsy has arrived to Rybinsk from Tatarstan, married never was. However children got with an enviable regularity. Salaries of the cleaner hardly sufficed on the modest maintenance of children, and Jeanne has found profitable podrabotku. Began to trade in drugs.

the Woman detained from in large lots heroin twice, raised criminal cases, judged, but all to it escaped punishment. Two times punished it conditionally. Therefore with « business » she to leave did not hurry.

- This time the court has considered the weight, crimes made by Shashkovoj, high degree of public danger, and also its proof unwillingness to follow a correction way, - have explained in regional management of drug enforcement.

the Sentence to the gipsy having many children has entered validity.