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With 3 - h the lost plastic cards of inhabitants of Komi for a day have disappeared more than one and a half honeycombs of roubles

For one day in republic it is registered at once   four cases of theft of money from bank plastic cards.

22 - the summer inhabitant of Vorkuta has lost 66 thousand roubles. The young man has lost the map, on which   number pin - a code has been pasted.   the malefactor who has found this map could not draw out from it money.  

In Pechora and Usinsk malefactors had not to enter pin at all - a code. Having stolen plastic cards, they have paid off with them for the goods in shops where pin - the code is not requested. Thus, the inhabitant of Usinsk has lost more than 78 thousand roubles, and the inhabitant of Pechora – more than 30 thousand.

Owners could save the savings if, having found out map loss, at once have blocked it. However it it has not been made. For this reason malefactors had time to cash the stolen plastic cards.

the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Republic Komi reminds ADVICE of the POLICEMAN, if you have lost a plastic card, immediately block it. Is better to make it in bank branch. Remember that pin - the code should be known only to the owner of a map. At all do not name pin - a code to other persons, including to workers of bank. It is important to know that nobody can demand from the owner of a map to name it pin - a code. That it is not become known for the stranger, do not write down a digital combination on a map and do not store together with a map, for example, in a purse or the passport.