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the Second wave delivery of Unified State Examination at the Altay schoolboys not will

In 2012 graduates of schools can pass the Unified State Examination only from May, 28th till June, 21st. Possibilities to pass examination in the additional terms which were called earlier « the second wave » at schoolboys now is not present. The exception becomes for those who for good reasons, for example, through illness, could not pass the Unified State Examination in May - June.

Schoolboys who will receive unsatisfactory results on Russian or mathematics, will be admitted to repeated delivery of Unified State Examination. The repeatedly not passed examinations in these subjects, or received « the two » on them, will be urged to leave school with the inquiry and repeat examination can only next year.

Unified State Examinations in all general educational subjects will begin in 10. 00 local time. Examination in mathematics, physics, the literature, computer science also it is information - to communication technologies (IKT) 4 hours will last; On history, social science - 3,5 hours; on Russian, biology, geography, chemistry, foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish) - 3 hours. For participants of Unified State Examination with the limited possibilities duration of examination will increase at 1,5 o`clock.

On Unified State Examination on the mathematician with itself it is possible to take only a ruler. On physics - a ruler and not programmed calculator. On chemistry - not programmed calculator, on geography - a ruler, a protractor and not programmed calculator.

the Immutable rule during Unified State Examination carrying out there is an interdiction for mobile phones, communications mediums and elektronno - computer facilities. It extends on all people present at audiences.