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Almazbek Atambaev has congratulated kyrgyzstantsev on the Constitution day

« expensive kyrgyzstantsy! 19 years have passed since that day as on May, 5th has been declared by the Constitution day. This day the Constitution of independent Kyrgyzstan has been accepted. Since then much, earlier seeming firm, changed, including the Constitution changed also.

But the spirit and pressing forward of the people to construction democratic, fair and a lawful state, put at lines of the first Constitution of independent Kyrgyzstan legendary parliament, did not change and will not change never. A symbol of this spirit also was this date - on May, 5th - which, despite all events for these 19 years of change and a shock, remained immutable.

the Constitution gives us chance to create originally independent and fair court. In aggregate with its positions about the rights and freedom of the person and the citizen the Constitution is the base to building of the fair, independent, democratic state which overall objective of activity is maintenance of the best worthy life for everyone kyrgyzstantsa.

My dear compatriots! Respect for laws - one of the basic conditions of construction of the democratic, successfully developing state whom we should pass following generations. Therefore we also mark today the Constitution day.

With a feast you! I wish you health and happiness, and our country of the world and prosperity ».