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The mortgage is not becomes cheaper any more

According to Agency on mortgage housing crediting, in November, 2011 average rates on mortgage loans in roubles made 11,4 %, in December - 11,6 %, and in February, 2012 - already 11,9 %. The tendency is available. Why the such occurs? On H the All-Russia conference Mortgage lending in Russia two reasons - problems with demand and shortage " were called; long money.

With demand of business are so. By estimations AIZHK, this year a mortgage take about 650 thousand Russians. Figure good. According to long-term strategy of development of the mortgage confirmed in 2010, by 2012 it was planned to leave on 500 thousand credits, but this plan has been exceeded in 2011. According to general director AIZHK Alexander Semenjaki, in agency expect that demand for a mortgage, most likely, is stabilised on 700 thousand credits a year. And the problem consists that 2 - 3 million The Russian families, which (by data the same AIZHK) presume to solve all a room question by means of a mortgage, will be made happy by it in the nearest three - four years.

to Whom to give the credit for habitation further, bankers yet very much represent. The problem is aggravated with a demographic situation: fruits of low birth rate in " start to affect; dashing 90 - e, number of people in most credit age (from 25 till 40 years) it is reduced, and to pensioners at us a mortgage do not give. Most a hole demographers promise by 2020.

To those who takes long-term credits today, it has the most direct relation. The shaft of credits less, the it is more than expense of banks for their service. As it is simple to count up, those who now takes a mortgage on 10 - 15 years, will just pay off in promised demographic holes . Plus for banks money rises in price and for the internal reasons connected with a situation in the interbank market...

- That in Russia there were rates as in the West, we should have other cost of money and on - to another the built financial system. This reorganisation quickly to carry out it will not turn out, - Oleg Repchenko, the head of the analytical centre " considers; Indicators of the market of real estate .

in general, rather low interests for a mortgage about which periodically speak at the highest levels probably, will be possible only under social programs for separate categories of citizens.

And what to do by the rest? As Oleg Repchenko considers, from the economic point of view habitation rent now looks where more favourably a mortgage. We will admit, the apartment bought on tick is leased and the money put up in it beat off on a maximum - the owner extinguishes a mortgage at the expense of incomes of rent. But even in this case, by calculations of the expert, to beat off 10 - 12 % (and together with the insurance can turn out and all of 15 %) on a mortgage at present rather low rise in prices for habitation will not turn out. And if does not surrender?

- If you put money in bank and will rent the apartment similar to those that can buy, you remain in a prize! - tells Repchenko. - On a broader scale now it is better to young men to be put in the professional growth, instead of in payments on a mortgage.

And here when professional growth will lead to growth of incomes then it will be easier to solve and a question with apartment, the expert considers.  

it is comparable!

Under these percent to the Russian will grant the loan for habitation abroad

Bulgaria. In this country Russians buy real estate more often. To the European measures the mortgage loan here is not absolutely favourable to foreigners. Rates - 8,5 - 10 % annual at a mortgage for the term from 5 to 30 - 35 years - above, than in other EU countries. To the Russian will give no more than 50 - 70 % from a project cost which will minister pledge. Thus from our citizens can demand, that the monthly income was not less than 2000 - 3000 euros.

France. To our people offer the same conditions, as to Frenchmen: the fixed interest rate - 3,5 - 5,4 % (depends on crediting term), the floating rate - from 3,3 %.

the Size of an initial payment for non-residents makes 50 %.

Spain. The mortgage lending system is considered the most convenient for foreigners. The Russian can take the credit on the security of bought habitation on 50 - 80 % from purchase cost, under 2,5 - 3,5 % annual, for a period of 30 years.

Cyprus. Here too to our citizens give the credit without problems. Usually - from 60 to 70 % from cost of bought real estate under the rate of 4,5 %.

Italy. For citizens of Russia higher requirements operate according to solvency and acknowledgement of incomes, than for the. Besides it, the real estate is more religiously estimated. It is possible to obtain the credit for the sum no more than 70 % from real estate cost. Rates: from 3 % - floating, 4 - 5 % - fixed.

Russians do not finance in Sicily and Calabria - banks consider the local markets of real estate too risky.

Germany. To receive a mortgage loan for the term from 5 till 30 years it is possible, if there is money for 50 % from real estate cost. The interest rate for foreigners - from 4,5 to 5,3 % annual.

(According to Guild of realtors of Moscow.)