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In Ryazan directly in the ambulance have suffered both the medical assistant, and the patient

Failure has occurred on May, 10th at 16 o`clock   on a crossroads of street of Tsiolkovsky and journey of Jablochkova. The Ambulance car   under control of 51 - the summer driver Zaharovsky TSRB went from journey of Jablochkova. According to the driver, approaching on a crossroads, it has included a sound signal and flashing majachki. Having convinced that all pass it, the driver has moved through a crossroads.

At this time the car « Ford » under control of 40 - the summer man went in an extreme right number from the area Theatrical. The driver has not seen the car of physicians, as a result and there was a road accident.

passengers « have thus suffered only; Gazelles »: the medical assistant, the girl which doctors carried in hospital with an appendicitis attack, and the woman accompanying it have received brain concussions. Thus the medical assistant also has broken a clavicle, informs a press - service UGIBDD across the Ryazan region.

For the last days on region roads it is registered five road accidents in which eight persons were traumatised. In Ryazan there were 74 road accidents to causing of a material damage to automobile owners. Inspectors have revealed 162   infringements of traffic regulations, ten drivers in a drunken state have detained.