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The Irkutsk court has pronounced a sentence for the murder made eight years ago

by Irkutsk regional court the criminal who has killed the person eight years ago, right after New Year`s feasts in 2004 is sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of a high security.  

it is obvious, at Leonid Djachkova from - for turns of celebrations by then   money has ended, and he has dared at robbery.   sowing in another`s car, the man has put to a temple of the driver a pistol   also has demanded money. The driver, saving the life, tried to escape from it. But it was not possible. 28 - the summer murderer has caught up with its and two times has shot at a chest. When the robber   it was convinced that its victim does not move, it has gone to the car and took therefrom... 500 roubles.

- During preliminary investigation of Lay vicars in all admitted, and has told about all actions that day, - informs a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Irkutsk region. - however later, at a charge presentation, the fault did not recognise and indications has refused.

the Sentence in validity while   has not entered.