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Near Volgograd the pensioner has given to swindlers one million for damage removal

Refinement of swindlers knows no limit. That not invented only by speculators to extort money from trusting people. And here three women from Mikhailovka the Volgograd region have decided to use old, as the world, the scheme: the blinked sight, eyes are gone, then theatrical gesture by a hand, hardly constrained semisigh - semishout and mysterious whisper one word: “ Damage... “. Really, after all there is nothing easier, than to play on human superstitions. Especially when business concerns people elderly, often suffering affliction with a serious illness.

Three swindlers have bullshitted   old women, whose husband has a serious illness. They zagovorshcheski have told about somebody spirit of the death, hung over her family. 65 - the summer grandmother has got a fright from such statements, has started to learn how to defeat sverhestesstvennyj an illness. The answer has appeared is simple: To all fault, them it is necessary to cure dirty disgusting money. The loverchivaja pensioner that is to spirit has rushed to the house, has collected 140 thousand and, a few having thought, has added to money and ornaments. But it “ in time “ has remembered that on sberknizhki at it 850 thousand more is. Speculators joyfully potreli hands also it is sad have informed, as from this money it will be necessary to expel harm. As a result the old woman remained with the sick husband, and swindlers - almost with one million roubles.

-   the Woman has described the policeman of a sign of criminals: 1) by sight 30 - 35 years, growth 160 - 170ρμ., an average constitution, the person swarty, hair fair-haired are collected in the site; it is dressed in a white jacket, a white skirt, was called as Maria Ivanovnoj; 2) by sight 50 - 55λες, growth 170 - 175ρμ., a dense constitution, the person swarty, hair dark with a red shade, on hands and feet ekzema. 3) by sight 30 - 35λες, high growth, hair dark; It is dressed in a dark blue jeans skirt, a dark blue shirt, a dark blue skirt, sun glasses. The complex operatively - search actions is spent, - have informed ““ in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Volgograd region.