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Depardieu in Petersburg has learnt Russian a floor-mat and has replaced Rosenbaum

Depardieu has arrived to Petersburg by the usual trip plane from Paris, truth, in business - klase. At the airport the actor has fast slipped through vip - an exit, in the street for it already waited black polished Mercedes a representation class.

- Hello! In hotel! – in pure Russian has said Zherar.  

the Driver even slightly was taken aback, has got accustomed – suddenly in the car not the actor? But is not present, in the car Depardieu &ndash sat; in a black coat, it is dark - dark blue jeans, corrected a hairdress and smiled.

It appears, the actor learns Russian very much for a long time. And on shootings « Rasputina » the director Jose Dajana what for - that even has mastered pair of abusive words.

- it is good! Weather! Well. I love Petersburg! – the actor repeated all road to hotel.    

the Star of French of cinema have lodged in for a long time it fallen in love five-stars hotel. The kind on Depardieu`s St. Isaac`s Cathedral always bewitched. Having had a rest in number a little, having drunk tea with sweets, Zherar has gone on shootings to klipmejkeru to Alexander Igudinu.

On a platform the French star has replaced the Russian. In first half of day for shop advertising here removed Alexander Rosenbaum. By the way, the singer acted in film in advertising free of charge, communications of the owner of shop have helped. And here Depardieu`s fee hold in strict secret.

the French visitor has appeared about the half eighth evening. Pompously it has passed through the central input of department store where there were shootings. Townspeople have learnt at once a celebrity and have surrounded it from different directions. ZHeraru such attention flattered. He affably spoke « good afternoon » and willingly distributed autographs. One little girl even has asked the man of the hour to be photographed, the actor has impressive approached to the babe and a playful voice has responded: « Mmmm, the girl! Give, give! »

In Eliseevsky the actor met all personnel. Left to greet even the owner. Why - that with Depardieu very much was stirred with the Russian policy. The first that the Frenchman has asked the gathered:  

- And who now your president? Putin? It good?, - also has added, - And the former mayor as call? Matvienko – he/she is the man? And Poltavchenko – the woman?

Alexander Igudin and Zherar Depardieu study the finished shooting material

Then still for a long time could not understand, by what principle define on a surname man`s and a feminine gender. Anybody and could not explain to the actor in what an essence, and it have withdrawn in a make-up room. There Depardieu has stayed more hour – it made up, dressed up in a suit of 18 centuries. At this time the actor long studied the scenario. Specially for it have made listing in French. It was curious to observe of how a cinematography star learnt words.

- Belissimo! Gratsio! – time ten was repeated by the actor. – about as these truffles are perfect, meat delicacies melt in the mouth. The French cheese. About my God, the present Russian caviar. Such I saw only at cinema! Ola - la! I buy all!

In the meantime on a platform the chaos reigned: all around ran, rustled, carried any things. The director in furiousness, it simply could catch nothing, could not to anybody dokrichatsja, portable radio sets deformed sounds, and journalists everywhere rushed with chambers. Besides the personnel everywhere reserved garbage: empty bottles, plastic glasses, plateaus.

- Who it will clean all? – the assistant of the director swore, - Not in a pigsty is worked.

At last - that Depardieu left on a set. The actor considerably was nervous. Besides closeness indoors did not give it rest. He some times asked, that have included the fan.

- it is hot! Uuuuf! – brushed away from itself sweat of Zherar, - the Fan, the fan! Give, give.

To its request have responded at once. As the director has explained, conditioners are disconnected because the sound is written, and they very much rustle.

Even minutes five, and people literally words have started to thaw.  

- It is impossible to work! – Igudin has cried. – I can not more! It is Too much to people on a platform. Has got hubbub! Even if Depardieu it is heavy, present, what to me?! I ask all journalists to release a premise.

According to organizers, at Depardieu the mood all the evening long changed. In breaks between shootings the actor was some times ready to talk to representatives of the press, but unexpectedly again changed the decision and refused.

- Is not present. I do not want now, – Depardieu, &ndash responded; Tomorrow.  

Shootings have ended in the first to o`clock in the morning. ZHerar has returned to hostel the emaciated. Still! After all in the end of Depardieu`s commercial buys up all goods in Eliseevsky, and napereves with purchases hardly - hardly leaves shop.

But today the problem at the actor is easier. It will go to restaurant. However, not to have supper, and to prepare sweets within the limits of the charitable action.