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This year in PGNIU (PGU) four more new specialities

the Perm state university will open accepts documents on new specialities which open in 2012. New specialities are focused, first of all, on acquisition of practical skills.

Now graduates can become bachelors on the new speciality opened at physical faculty - « the Applied mathematics and physics ». Graduates of this direction will acquire knowledge that is high-grade to be engaged in working out of new industrial technologies.

Wait for the entrants and two new specialities of geological faculty - Technology of geological investigation » and « Applied geology ».

Also at philological faculty the internal bachelor degree on a speciality « opens this year; Advertising and public relations ». Students will receive necessary   Knowledge on base humanitarian and social disciplines (logic, semiotics, psycholinguistics) also will actively be engaged in creative work. Teachers of university will invite experts of a trade that they have shared real experience with the future PR managers.

this year the set of students on the specialities opened in 2011 - m will proceed to year also: « Nanotehnologii and the microsystem technics » physical faculty, « Fundamental and applied chemistry » chemical, « Cartography and geoinformatics » geographical faculty, « the International relations » on istoriko - politological, and also on thoughts to specialities which have been opened on filosofsko - sociological faculty   - « the Organization of work with youth » and « Arts and the humanities ».

we Will notice that on May, 13th in PGNIU the Open day on which stay will take place will receive the necessary information from experts on Unified State Examination and and can visit university museums.