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Uraltsy have run into debt for heat of five billions roubles

Today in a press - the centre « » Minister of Energy Nikolay Smirnov has told about the past cold season, and also debts of citizens and expenditure kommunalshchikov.

According to Nikolay Smirnova, this winter unlike the previous there were no loud municipal states of emergency.  

- As a whole the cold season has passed easy. Problems were, perhaps, only in Beloyarsk area, - the minister has told. - There was a good tendency on which the number of failures decreases every year.   but networks need to be repaired,   to support as it should be, and on this money which including citizens pay are necessary.   and with it there is a problem. In election campaign some politicians agitated citizens not to pay under a municipal abacus.   and people, especially in Half-Evsky and Artemovsk,   gave in on these provocations. As a result of money from the population have collected for 22 percent less, than planned. In total inhabitants of Sverdlovsk area should for heat of an order of five billions roubles.

Nikolay Smirnov has promised that the next winter also will pass easy and without undue incident. For preparation for a following cold season plan to spend not less than six billions roubles. Till May, 25th all heads of cities should give plans of operating repair of boiler-houses and heating systems.

Also the minister has commented absurd, at first sight, on a situation with heating in Ekaterinburg: in the beginning of month when was plus 18 and above, batteries fried on - winter and as has become cold, have warmly disconnected.

- Only it is not necessary to see here any ill-intentioned mockery. Enemies at the population are not present. And officials live in the same apartments, - Nikolay Smirnov has declared. - If have warmly disconnected in the beginning of month when in the street it was hot, on the damp after winter walls of houses the mould would there and then be formed.   besides in Ekaterinburg difficult system of a heat supply and quickly to disconnect or include hot water difficult. For example, on emergency start of heat in case of a cold snap it is required weeks two, and there is this pleasure about one and a half millions roubles.