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Whether to wait to Moldova this year for flooding?

it has declared vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Economics Valery Lazer on   session of the Commission on system engineering of water resources management and protection against flooding. At session measures protivopavodkovoj protection in a hydrographic network of the country were discussed.

As have informed in Service on public relations and the report of the Ministry of Economics, discussions have concentrated on three questions. It is a question of a situation in village Veleny of Kagulsky area where as a result of flooding in 2010 the protective dam on the river the Rod has been destroyed. As a result there was a part deluging pojmy the Rod in line of this settlement. The National ecological fund has allocated 600 thousand for repair of a dam by extent of 900 metres leev. Have been spent   works   on elimination of damages of a dam, and also the most vulnerable are strengthened from the point of view of break sites.

possibility of financing at the expense of National ecological fund of design works in the given sphere Also was discussed. At following session   corresponding structures should present the list of priority projects which should be financed fund.

- speed and efficiency of development of the given means depends On quality of projects. We any more do not presume to ourselves luxury of economy and only too late to bethink and spend additional funds and emotions. It would be more rational to invest in time in carrying out tehniko - an economic justification, search of alternative decisions, carrying out of design works, preventive maintenance, that is for the prevention and a non-admission of emergency situations in this sphere that we had not to struggle then with consequences, - has noted Lazer.

the statement of the plan of repair of the hydraulic engineering objects representing raised danger to the population and national economy became Other question of discussions.

- it is not necessary to invent anything, only to use experience of our predecessors. We communicate, we accumulate critical weight of the information and in deadlines we are converted into subordinated structures to reconsider a current situation and to offer the staticized plans, realistic and rational; working out perspective, comprehensive plans taking into account that promptly there comes time when water resources become invaluable, vital should be the basic directing. We should use this potential extremely rationally, especially Rod and Dnestr potential , - the minister has underlined.

the Commission on system engineering of water resources management and protection against flooding has been created by the governmental order from July, 30th, 2010.