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The pensioner has not noticed, how the roof of its house in the Vologda area

Durability of buildings in Kichmengsko - Gorodetsky area raises the doubts. The unknown case has occurred in one of village Navolok houses.

While 76 - the summer mistress slept, the roof of its dwelling has partially fallen. But, probably, the dream was so strong that the pensioner even has not moved an eyebrow. Rescuers to the place of state of emergency were called by local residents. At half past six mornings employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures were on a place.

- Fellows villager have called and have told that in the next house the roof has partially fallen. The exit from the house has appeared completely is blocked, - have explained to the correspondent « in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on the Vologda area. - the rescuers who have arrived into place have disassembled all blockages, have sawn the rests of the fallen roof. It has appeared that the grandmother even did not know about the happened trouble. In it time she peacefully slept.

By the way, all for the past days rescuers have made ten departures. Three of them - on fires in which, fortunately, nobody has suffered and was not lost.