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The heat and drought will come to the Vologda area in the middle of July

the Drought and sharp warming is expected on jugo - the east and the east of area from the middle of July. These days the interdiction for visitation of woods also will be entered. In second half of summer level of fire danger can reach the fifth class.

- the Third class of fire danger was established in the Vologda area still to 9 - go May, - has explained to the correspondent «» Belief of Poljakova, the chief of branch FGBU Northern UGMS « Vologda TSGMS ». - But, fortunately, has passed a rain, and now we conduct again the report from the beginning. According to the likelihood forecast of Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service, all the May long should be within long-term norm. On temperature it to plus of 10 degrees in the afternoon, and on deposits - to 53 millimetres for a month. Warming will come to us only after 15 - go numbers.

Within the limits of long-term norm will be keep also a flying weather. Any anomalies it is not predicted. But September in east areas of area this year will be warmer, than usually.

the Inquiry «»

Increase of a class of fire security occurs especially quickly after rise in temperature above +20 degrees. And it is predicted from the end of June on the beginning of July. The fourth and fifth classes of fire danger will come in the end of July - the beginning of August.