Rus News Journal

In Vladivostok the police patrol has rescued rolling

to the Six-ten years` man who was lying alongside, it became bad: the head has begun to spin, feet have given away, and it has failed in water. Water temperature now only 4 degrees. 10 minutes of abiding in such water for the usual person come to an end with  destruction.

the falling Moment was noticed by the passer-by and has rushed to postovym. Employees of transport police have run up to coast and have thrown sinking a life buoy. By common efforts – to help to get the person from water the cashier « has rushed; Mortransa » - blotted, but the live man have pulled out on coast.

Arrived « fast » visors rescued in resuscitation.

the Senior sergeant of police Tatyana Karelin and the foreman of police Evgenie Lisunenko have come to see rescued in hospital. The grateful man     has written on a sheet of paper: « Thanks, lovely, for all ». Has written, because the man had a heavy form of a pneumonia, now it is connected to the device of ventilation of lungs, and to talk to it it is impossible.