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Near Volgograd the one-year-old child has died of an exhaustion

Yesterday, on May, 10th, in hospital of the Nikolaev area of the Volgograd region in resuscitation the one-year-old kid has died. It have brought five days before. The child weighed, as an adult cat - less than six kgs. Thus that at the age of a year should be twice heavier almost. Doctors have diagnosed at once - a strong exhaustion and have placed krohu in resuscitation. And law enforcement bodies have begun check.

- Mother of the child, 30 - the summer inhabitant of settlement Stepnovsky,   abuses spirits, it was repeatedly involved in administrative responsibility for default of duties on education and the maintenance of the four children. Actually for mladshenkimi the senior, 13 - the summer son looked, - has informed Natalia Kunitsky, the senior assistant administrator of SOU SKR across the Volgograd region.

the actions directed on an establishment of all circumstances of an event Now are carried out. Based on the results of testing the remedial decision will be accepted. Most likely, on a grief - mummy will file criminal charges, and three children will pass in children`s home.