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Krasnodar Western department MFTS has moved to Anniversary microdistrict

it Is located on the Prospectus of Security officers, 37, informs an official portal of a city.

Updated department MFTS has taken place on the ground floor of a multiroom apartment house on the area more than 850 sq. m. It has convenient access roads and a guest parking, is adapted for enrolment of citizens with the limited possibilities of health. Places of expectation, a consultation rack, « are indoors equipped; a children`s corner ».

In department conduct reception 45 « windows » for population service (before them was only 23). In particular, with 8 to 14 the quantity of the most demanded « is increased; windows » Rosreesta and Cadastral chamber.

Opening MFTS to the new address will make more accessible reception of the state and municipal services for inhabitants of Anniversary and Slavonic microdistricts, inhabited files on streets Tanning, Kaljaeva, 2 - I the Line and Red the Guerrilla.

Now in Krasnodar 4 departments Krasnodar MFTS in each of intracity districts work: besides « Western » « Central » - on street Levanevsky, 174, « Prikubansky » - on street Turgeneva, 189/ 6 and « Karasunsky » - on Stasov`s street - Sormovsky, 178 - 180/ 1/ SH. The first department has been opened in December, 2009.

In MFTS townspeople can receive all spectrum of services which render administration of Krasnodar, Upravlenie Rosreestra across Krasnodar territory, BTI, tax service and other structures.

At Krasnodar MFTS operates call - the centre. By phone 218 - 9 - 218 it is possible to receive any interesting information on work of departments MFTS and given services.