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Survived after blow by a current in a city fountain the boy has asked in chamber a bicycle

Today to Naberezhnye Chelny there has arrived the senior assistant to the chairman of Investigatory committee of Russia Igor Komissarov. The purpose of its business trip – to familiarise with a course of investigation of the criminal case raised upon destruction from blow by a current in parkway of Enthusiasts 13 - summer Daniel Sadykov and the fountain which has suffered in pool 9 - summer Andrey Churbanova.

Igor Komissarov has first of all visited the child in hospital chamber of Zakamsky children`s hospital and very much was surprised that Andrey from resuscitation is already translated in profile branch and runs on a corridor.

Has taken an interest at doctors in a treatment course, and then has suddenly asked the boy, he would want to receive what gift? Andrey, without reflecting, has responded: « the Bicycle! »

- Andrey`s Dream will come true: to it have promised tomorrow to bring a bicycle directly to chamber, – The head physician of children`s hospital Ravil Bakirov has told. – Andrey well eats, already asks home, but we have decided not to hurry up. We will take in chamber and we will do to it pricks during five - six days. It is not believed at all that he has endured an electrotrauma, a convulsive syndrome, a hypostasis of a brain and left a coma.

Igor Komissarov also has met mother of the victim Daniel – Natalia Sadykovoj, the newspaper « writes; Chelninsky news ».

Andrey Churbanov left a coma and quickly there is on the amendment
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To a tragedy place chelnintsy bear flowers and soft toys
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