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Heads of Open Company “ Kama - a trade “ 18 persons accused of  destruction during a fire in a warehouse in Perm, will appear before court

Investigatory committee of the Perm edge the sufficient demonstrative base on the case of the fire which has occurred in a warehouse of Open Company « is collected; Kama - a trade » on the night of February, 10th, 2011.

Heads of a warehouse - Alexander Safonov, Alexey Kildibekov and Peter Mishurnov will appear before court. Depending on a role of everyone, all three heads are accused of fulfilment of the crimes provided   articles 219, 109 and 118 Criminal codes of the Russian Federation.

we Will remind that on the night of February, 10th, 2011 in Open Company warehouse « Kama - a trade » there was a fire in which result 18 employees of the organisation were lost. Thus, to one person heavy harm for health and more has been done to one – harm of average weight. During incident the equipment which was in a warehouse and production for the sum of 98 million roubles have burnt down.

the Fire has happened because of kindling gazo - an air mix, and has arisen in that place where were stored legkovosplamenjaemye and the explosive goods. The flame has quickly extended on all area of a two-storeyed ferro-concrete building. During occurrence of a fire workers of a warehouse have been deprived possibility freely to leave the filled with smoke premise in which the flame extended at high speed. The majority of exits has been closed, on means for fire extinguishing owners of firm have decided to save, was not in a building and the fire alarm system.

Under the version of the investigation, Safonov, Kildibekov, and Mishurnov as heads are guilty that have organised work of the workers without requirements of fire security. During investigatory check interrogation more than 130 witnesses and 21 victims has been spent, and also are spent 27 various difficult examinations. On it informs a press - service SUSK on the Perm edge.