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Near Volgograd the principal and the local official have stolen 143 thousand

the Head mistress of high school and the chief of department of regional administration by training from Kotovo of the Volgograd region have thought up the smart scheme in 2010. Then women have agreed that the official will get wages for carrying out of one practical employment on the physicist in a week. The head mistress has agreed on it. Money was regularly halved between enterprising women, and the lesson was conducted actually by other teacher who did not receive for it copecks.

For two years, 2010 and 2011, they have put in a pocket in total 143 thousand roubles. When women all - taki have caught on theft, the head mistress almost in all admitted at once and has told about the thought up scheme. The official while denies all.

- Concerning women criminal case under article " is brought; the Assignment made by the person with use of the office position - has told Natalia Kunitsky, the senior assistant administrator of SOU SKR across the Volgograd region on interaction from mass-media.