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In Chelyabinsk donors with I urgently are required and III negative blood types

the Situation has developed strained and demanding the urgent decision. And the most usual people can help, ready to share the blood and to save another`s life.

As inform in a press - service of Ministry of Health of the Chelyabinsk area, there was a sudden aggravation of the chronic and sharp diseases connected with loss of blood, and various traumas at people with rare negative I and III blood types. Hospitals have requested a considerable quantity of a material for transfusion, stocks on exod.

Constant donors with the first negative group in a city only hundred persons, three hundred more — from the third negative. They have already received sms with the request to come on krovodachu. But only their forces not to manage. Employees of Regional station of blood transfusion ask all owners of rare groups to come on station and to help.

Where to be converted

Regional station of blood transfusion

Chelyabinsk, street Thieves`, 68

in the working days with 8. 00. To 12. 00

At itself to have the passport and result of photoroentgenography!