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This year in the Perm edge from - for ticks 4 patients with symptoms kleshchevogo entsefalita are already registered and 8 with symptoms of illness Lima

last year from May, 3 till May, 10th 408 persons were converted into seasonal laboratories of the Perm edge with prisasyvaniem pincers, and for all period of supervision 450. And already in   this year a situation other. For similar week 1419 messages have been registered. And since April, 1st the quantity of victims has made 3318 persons.

From the beginning of a season of 2012 on presence of an antigene of a virus kleshchevogo entsefalita 2670 pincers, 78 of them - with positive result are investigated. At 4 patients symptoms similar to symptoms kleshchevogo entsefalita were showed.

On presence of activators kleshchevogo borrelioza (illnesses Lima) 773 ticks, from them 222 with positive result are investigated. 8 patients are suspected on disease by illness Lima, including three children till 14 years.

Where most of all suffered from pincers? It is a country file « ZHebrei » (59 cases), Northern cemetery (50), the Chernjaevsky forest park (20).

epidemiologists warn about high probability of an attack of pincers on country sites, cemeteries and green space. As protivokleshchevye processings in edge territory have begun recently, at visitation of potentially dangerous territories it is necessary to use such clothes which will not allow the tick to get inside. And as to use protection frames from pincers.