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Why rjazantsam « have broken off » Vasju Oblomova?

on May, 11th in Ryazan the scandalous rapper Vasily Goncharov, known to general public as as Vasja of Regional ohms , the author of songs " should act for the first time; Magadan Who wants to become the militiaman With what the Native land " begins; and so forth the Roller which has been removed on a song While, Medved executed Oblomovym together with Leonid Parfyonov and Xenia Sobchak, all for one day has collected in a network more than one million viewings.

But a concert of the known singer in Planetaria at the last minute have cancelled. As it is told on page the Planetarium In contact - from - for very low sales of tickets. As it becomes clear from comments rjazantsev on the same page, to spread 600 roubles for an evening with Vasej Oblomovym the very few have wanted.   in limits 300 I would descend, and for 600 I grazed Have broken off me with Oblomovym, zhloby I too would descend with pleasure, but it is too much for itself(himself) demands - our fellow countrymen wrote.  

However, it is necessary to notice that 600 roubles for a concert the Moscow visitor - not such the high price. For example, tickets for group concerts Alisa on May, 12th in the same Planetaria cost more expensive almost twice, but the question on cancellation of performance of Konstantin Kintchev with companions did not stand.

it is possible, has served its purpose that Vasja of Regional ohms - the musician oppositional. And consequently, half of possible spectators has initially disappeared: those who on the last elections has supported the party in power.