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Leningradku will expand to turn on « the Sheremetyevo »

Leningradka will go in 2013. It has declared zammera on building of Marat Husnullin.

On Friday mayor Sergey Sobjanin has familiarised with a course of reconstruction of an outcome on crossing of the Leningrad highway and MKAD. Marat Husnullin has reported on the town governor that building of new platforms will seriously improve a transport situation on crossing from MKAD, having reduced jams.

during reconstruction builders erect two new platforms which will allow to turn with Leningradki in a direction from the centre both on the left, and to the right. Movement on a platform with the left turn with Leningradki will open already in the end of this year, in a direction to the right - in February of the following.

Marat Husnullin has added: reconstruction of the Leningrad highway in territory of Moscow and Himok situated near Moscow will finish till the end of 2013. On a site from MKAD to the International highway conducting in the airport the Sheremetyevo Leningradku is planned to expand for two strips - they become vydelenkami for public transport. By words chinovnka, till the end of next year it is planned to construct and an outcome on the area of the Tver outpost at metro station Belarus . Instead of koskov there there will be parkings and a traffic intersection. And the Tver overpass will expand twice. Then to drive from the Belarus station to the Sheremetyevo it will be possible for 20 - 25 minutes.