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In Irkutsk in Night of museums the French artist will suit unique video - installation

Art dealers of Irkutsk is in a fever. On the eve of the popular action « Night in a museum » when all funds of a city do not close for visitors of a door until late at night, they solve, than still to surprise townspeople. And, seemingly, have found - taki. Known the French artist Bertran Gadden has brought in Irkutsk the an exhibition - installation . Such modern new vejane in the modern art. The master materialises moving objects in space – in the street or in showroom.   in the face of the amazed public owls, butterflies &hellip revive; the Author has personally arrived to Irkutsk to tell about the creativity.

- the Exhibition is called « the Couturier of images » - has told to journalists Bertran Gadenn . – Still when I studied at art school, I was involved with video and photo directions. I have connected them among themselves and began to work in the technician close to « video - mepping ». The images created by me, in « Night of museums » will move, « to go » on building windows, a ceiling, a floor and « to fly »   by air.

We have asked the master to show the creativity.

- the electricity and a projector are necessary To me, - getting from the big box a disk and unwinding the extension piece, made comments on Bertran. – On a disk the film shot by me. The main thing for installation – total darkness. Then the image sees the spectator distinctly and is conceived how I have conceived it.

Even a second. And before our eyes on a showroom wall has appeared … a huge owl. It that increased, decreased in sizes, winked.

- will seem In the dark that it moves on you, - having noticed our surprise, Bertran has smiled. – Come on an exhibition and all will see.

the author has decided to show to Inhabitants of Irkutsk images of the nature. These are the films shot by it and in special way processed. By the way, the exhibition of Gadenna will open in seven cities of the country. Among them Peter, Vladivostok, Saratov, Nizhni Novgorod, and in Siberia only Novosibirsk and Irkutsk. The author will be driven for 14 days on all these settlements personally to prepare an exposition for opening. It has stayed in Irkutsk all days, and worked exclusively at night.

- I will not tell that I have found any new images for myself, - Bertran Gadenn fairly admitted. – In Irkutsk saw only city centre. But also to it it is glad. So I have opened one more country.

Those who cannot get on « Night of museums » all the same can estimate creativity of the French artist. One of installations after 23. On May, 00 19 will deduce on a facade of two buildings – the head case of the Art museum of V.P.Sukachyov and department of the Siberian art.

- But it not a unique surprise, - Elena Zubry admitted the director. – In our halls ancient pictures will revive, there will be concerts, show and representations.