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In Nizhni Novgorod in infectious hospital has died 2 - the summer girl

In Leninsk area of Nizhni Novgorod criminal case upon death 2 - the summer girl in children`s infectious hospital 8 is brought.

- mother Spent under the reference by the suffered check it is established that its juvenile daughter has been hospitalised by a brigade of the first help in children`s infectious hospital 8 where for the third days has died, - have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. - criminal case under article " is brought; death causing on imprudence vsledstvienenadlezhashchego executions by the person of the professional duties .

During preliminary investigation on business by inspectors, under the supervision of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor, complexes of the investigatory actions directed on an establishment of all circumstances of an event, including necessary researches and examinations which will allow comprehensively and to establish objectively a cause of the tragedy will be spent and to state a legal estimation to actions of the medical personnel.

criminal case investigation is taken by Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin area on control.