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In Astrakhan on Sheyin`s business have interrogated 15 more witnesses

As soon as Oleg Sheyin`s name became known on all country after hunger-strike of the deputy of the Astrakhan regional Duma. Spravoro declared it in protest at results of elections of the mayor of Astrakhan. He considers that on them there were too many infringements. The oppositionist has stayed on water   41 day. To support Sheyin to Astrakhan there came Navalnyj, Sobchak, Mironov, Hooters. In a city has passed some meetings. But it has appeared only the beginning. Oleg Sheyin has written the petition about a recognition of elections void and has put to it records with vebokamer. The first session has taken place in April. Next has passed today. On it have interrogated 15 witnesses from Oleg Sheyin.

the Oppositionist in the blog oleg - shein. livejournal. com results examples of indications.

« Wick 424 Kashirsky (chsg) – have protected the commission benches, and have not allowed to approach more close than on 4 metres. Not used bulletins were extinguished, but were not considered. It was impossible to see something. Marks have refused to show, having declared that it will occupy a lot of time. Marks were not disclosed, only right at the end incidentally.

Wick 418 Ismuhanov (chsg) – one of two veb - chambers on a broader scale has been disconnected. At repayment of not used bulletins refused to show their number, only after the conflict the situation has been corrected. At counting of votes committee-men have risen to the utmost a back to observers and forbade to come nearer to them ».

And this maintenance almost all stories of witnesses.

the Next session will take place next week.