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In Voronezh will judge parents, to death of the frozen baby

we Will remind, the terrible tragedy has occurred in village Nizhnemarino at night on January, 31st, 2012. 22 - the summer girl and it 49 - the summer spouse all the winter long lived together with the baby in not heated premise. The house was heated odnokonforochnoj by an electric tile. The temperature in rooms hardly rose to plus of one degree. The drunk parents once again have laid krohu to sleep on a mattress which lay on a floor, and have easy continued to drink alcohol.

to Check up a status of the kid mother has solved only next day. Not dobudivshis daughters, the woman has called Fast . The arrived doctors verified death of the babe. As examination has shown, the girl has died of the general overcooling of an organism.

- Right after how results of opening were ready, concerning parents criminal case under article « has been brought; Death causing on imprudence » (till two years of prison), - has informed « Alexander Volokitin, the head Liskinsky MSO SOU SK the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region. - to Spouses have brought accusation. One of these days criminal case has left in court.

The sentence parents - murderers wait at home. The court has made decision to leave them under a subscription about nevyezde.