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Today voronezhtsy celebrate Day of a family, love and fidelity

Today, on eighth of July voronezhtsy already in the fifth time celebrate this light feast. We will remind, it has been founded by the State Duma on July, 8th, 2008. It is symbolical that it has started to be marked to year which has been declared by Year of a family.

the Russian feast originates in history of sacred spouses of Peter and Fevronii living in the city of Moore of Vladimir region, whose memory is made on July, 8th. Lines which are strongly connected with a matrimony ideal are embodied in their life, namely: godliness, mutual love and fidelity, fulfilment of affairs of mercy and care about various needs of the fellow citizens.

In Voronezh in Wedding palace 35 married couples of different categories will be invited. In solemn conditions to families at which the second child was born, certificates on the parent capital will be handed over, to families with the third children, – the regional certificate in 100 thousand roubles.

Separate congratulations this day were received by the Voronezh police officers. The head of department Alexander Sysoyev has wished well-being and mutual understanding staff in families, great happiness.

- In police of the Voronezh region there are many worthy examples of strong families. In law-enforcement bodies the whole family dynasties minister. There are the families which have carried by love and fidelity in many years, both noted silver and golden weddings. There are in what three and more children, including receptions are nurtured. Also there are employees who absolutely have found the significant other on service and have more recently established a family, - employees have summed up a press - services GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across the Voronezh region.