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The dense smog over Krasnoyarsk prevents to breathe to townsmen

the Smoke over Krasnoyarsk continues to stand, and, without looking at all at the rain which has passed this night, the situation has not improved almost. A principal cause of the smog which has hung over a city – forest fires.

- We left last night a city towards settlement Pugachevo, thought, on a summer residence will be breathed easier, - the inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk Maria Tikhonov tells. – but it has turned out to the contrary – there is even worse! The smog only is more dense … And that the strangest – any mosquito! Without looking at all at crude weather. Probably, the smoke has dispersed even insects.

Experts from the ministry of natural resources and a wood complex of edge assure that the smoke which is above a city, is not hazardous to health of inhabitants. However with an asthma it is especially heavy to people to endure this period.

- I am ill an asthma and last days constantly I cough, - Elena Grigoriev confirms. – Yes what to speak, in a family not one I suffer affliction from this smoke: even my healthy relatives hardly breathe. The situation is aggravated also with closeness.