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The police has removed from a Novokuznetsk train of the guest worker trading in people

In Irkutsk, from a train Vladivostok – Novokuznetsk » the police has removed 26 - the summer Uzbek who is in federal search, in the homeland, in Uzbekistan, under article UK Human trafic .

As have explained in pressluzhbe East - Siberian LU the Ministry of Internal Affairs,   him have detained at station Irkutsk - Passenger. As he admitted to Russian policemen, it, really, it is known about the sold woman, the citizen of Uzbekistan for whom it has been obtained 30 thousand dollars. But guilty he does not consider itself(himself). And about destiny of the sold woman knows nothing.

the Dealer people, escaping from the Uzbek justice, hid in Russia, has lodged in Vladivostok, began to trade any more in people, and greens and vegetables in the local market. And, after time, has considered that all has calmed down. Here also has risked now to go from Vladivostok home, to Uzbekistan, behind fennel party - for sale in the market.   but it halfway have calculated and have detained. Now   the question on transfer of its Uzbek police is solved, informs   baikal24. ru