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Near Saratov from - for illnesses of animals have got criminal case on farmers

One of these days suspect on criminal case there was a managing director of one of krestjansko - farms in the Rovno area where in May of this year there was a flash brutselleza among a horned cattle. Everything as employees of regional government of Rosselhoznadzora informed earlier, in area it has been revealed three centres of disease. But the first of them as inspectors have then found out, has appeared just in it KFH where animals got without registration veterinarno - sanitary documents.

- Besides, at planned survey   managing director KFH has covered cattle available for it from experts of station in struggle against illnesses of animals, - has told Andrey Larkov, a deputy head of fourth nature protection investigatory department VMPSU SK of the Russian Federation. - As consequence, ill brutsellezom animals have not been revealed also illness has extended among a horned cattle in several personal part-time farms. To prevent the further distribution, on slaughter 123 animals have been sent.

For infringement of the veterinary rules which have entailed on imprudence rasprostrniju epizooty managing director KFH is threatened now with the penalty to 120 thousand roubles, or even till two years of imprisonment. And brutsellezom as experts mark, can catch and the person - if contacts to a sick animal or uses the meat which has done not pass thermal processing.